Welcome to our Immunology Section

Janssen Immunology provides medical education for healthcare professionals in three main areas: dermatology, gastroenterology, and rheumatology. We have pioneered the use of best practices in adult learning in order to optimize the value of our popular education programmes, with every activity in each field overseen by a steering committee of leading specialists.

Janssen Medical Education Academy

Janssen Immunology – Dermatology

Our medical education activities in dermatology are focussed on addressing the unmet medical educational needs in psoriasis, as identified by the Scientific Committee.

Janssen Immunology – Gastroenterology

Our medical education activities in gastroenterology are focussed on addressing the unmet medical educational needs in inflammatory bowel diseases, as identified by the Scientific Committee.

Janssen Immunology – Rheumatology

Our medical education activities in rheumatology are focussed on addressing the unmet medical educational needs in psoriatic arthritis, as identified by the Scientific Committee.

The IME-forum is an innovative programme developed with an eminent scientific committee where, through live interactive broadcasts, viewing clinicians can hear experts discuss latest data and its impact on clinical practice. During each roundtable broadcast you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the faculty which will be addressed live.

Once registered for an upcoming broadcast you may also choose to watch the webinar at a more convenient time along with other past broadcasts.

Disease Awareness

IL-23 hub

Psoriatic arthritis can be challenging to treat and can have a devastating impact on patients’ lives. At the IL-23 hub, we explore the complexities of PsA, its effect on multiple domains, and how IL-23 as the master cytokine plays a fundamental role in driving and orchestrating the disease process.


ECCO Congress

ECCO's mission is to improve the care of patients with IBD in all its aspects through international guidelines for practice, education, research and collaboration in the area of IBD.

EULAR Congress

The European League against Rheumatism (EULAR) promotes prevention and treatment of rheumatic diseases and supports research by various healthcare professionals as well as scientific societies.

SpA Congress

The International Congress on Spondyloarthritides is the premier meeting in the field of the spondylarthritides that include scientists, medical doctors, allied health professionals, and people affected by these conditions from all over the world.

EADV Congress

The EADV and its Scientific Programming Committee with its Chair Martin Röcken have prepared an excellent programme that is sure to be memorable for all involved. This Congress offers to all a collegial, collaborative and congenial setting in which experts, participants and speakers alike can share their knowledge and learn from one another. Painstakingly designed, this year’s scientific programme has been built from the success of last year, employing varying levels of teaching that enable participants to optimise their session selections and best meet their professional needs.

UEG Congress

UEG Week is the largest and most prestigious meeting of its kind in Europe, and many consider it to be the best digestive diseases meeting in the world.

It has been running since 1992 and now attracts more than 14,000 people from across the world. It features the latest advances in clinical management, the best research in GI and liver disease and includes several different kinds of symposia and fora, where cutting edge gastroenterology and hepatology is being discussed.

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