At Janssen, we know every person living with HIV is unique

Life expectancy for virally-suppressed people living with HIV is now comparable to that of the general population[1][2], and we are proud to have been a part of this incredible journey. While the scientific achievement of ART is remarkable, it’s the unlocked potential of once lost futures that excites us most. Thousands of stories with endings still to be written, each unique in their own way.

But the journey isn’t over. Virally-suppressed HIV is still a chronic condition[3] requiring a life-time of treatment. It’s not enough to just focus on survival alone – PLHIV deserve the long-term QoL we take for granted. This requires us to go beyond a one size-fits-all approach to care. Individuality not only makes every future special, it’s the reason why QoL means something different to every person.

Janssen are building on over 25 years of experience with a commitment to individualised care in HIV. Our treatments have changed the face of this disease, but our focus has, and will always be, on each individual who lives with it. We aim to continue to help every person with HIV live longer, healthier and happier lives by supporting the health needs that make them unique – whatever they may be.

Move Fourth to living well with HIV

Extending the ambitious 90-90-90 target* of the World Health Organisation for PLHIV, Moving Fourth is an initiative seeking to achieve the 'fourth 90' - that 90% of people with viral load suppression should have good quality of life.

To realise this goal, a group of leading patient advocate and HCPs have developed the ‘Heath Goals for Me’ framework, offering real practical advice for patients and HCPs to work together in realising individualised care.

Now that ART is more effective and tolerable than ever, where do the new possibilities lie in HIV?

Whether it’s heightened treatment satisfaction, autonomy to choose how they live or changing how others perceive them, there’s many things PLHIV should be able to look forward to.

But to extend the horizons of PLHIV, we need to believe in these new possibilities, and work together to achieve them.

*Since the proposal of the Health Goals for Me framework, UNAIDs have announced an updated 95-95-95 target to help end the AIDS epidemic. Despite this update, the Moving Fourth Steering Committee believe improving QoL remains a key goal to achieve health living with HIV. As such, the framework should still be considered an important component of HIV care.

ART: antiretroviral therapy; HCP: healthcare professional; PLHIV: people/person living with HIV; QoL: quality of life.

CP-256778 - October 2021