Believe in New Possibilities

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Now that the majority of PLHIV on treatment are virally supressed with the safest and most tolerable arts ever,*[1][2] where do the new possibilities in HIV lie?

We must look beyond efficacy and tolerability to ensure that everyone living with HIV can look forward to:

  • Enhanced satisfaction with the treatments they will take for the rest of their lives[3][4]
  • Having autonomy to choose how they live with HIV[5]
  • Changing the way they and others perceive them as PLHIV[6]
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Just as switching treatment due to physical adverse events can improve a patient’s physical health and QoL,[7] interventions that address a patient’s mental, emotional and social needs are also essential to save lives and improve clinical outcomes[8][9]

What if we could take treatment satisfaction to a whole new level?
What if we could give PLHIV more autonomy to choose?
What if we could help PLHIV redefine themselves?

*In Western and Central Europe and N. America
All images are for illustrative purposes only. Any person depicted is a model.

ART: antiretroviral therapy; PLHIV: people living with HIV; QoL: quality of life.