Help them redefine living well with HIV

From fatal certainty to limitless possibility, viral suppression has given people living with HIV back their futures. But it's not enough just to survive with HIV - we need to make sure they can look forward to a life well lived. And this means something different to every person.

From relationships to mental health support to being seen without stigma, we need to work together with people living with HIV to understand their individual needs, so they can realise the QoL they deserve.

We've already redefined what it means to live with HIV. Now let's find their definition of how to live well with it.

Moving fourth to long-term healthy living in HIV

Extending the ambitious 90-90-90 target* of the World Health Organisation for people living with HIV, Moving Fourth is an initiative seeking to achieve the 'fourth 90' - that 90% of people with viral load supression should have good QoL.

To realise this goal, the Moving Fourth Steering Committee - a group of HCPs and patient advocacy leader with expertise in HIV - are developing a series of White Papers outlining their vision for an individualised approach to care for people living with HIV.

In the first paper, they established 'Health Goals for Me': a framework that outlines three steps to ensure HCPs and people living with HIV work together in every aspect of their treatment plan.

A circle showing the 3 stages of the ‘Health Goals for Me framework’ with a patient and HCP at centre

The 'Health Goals for Me' framework

Ask & Measure

Empower each person living with HIV to engage with the management of their long-term healthy living

Feedback & Discuss

Give back the health status information in a format that people living with HIV can interpret, so they can discuss its relevance to the choice of appropriate intervention in partnership with their HCP


Measurements and feedback are used to establish common goals and a hierarchy of interventions are determined through shared decision making by the HCP and person living with HIV

Podcast: Moving Fourth in HIV care – living beyond viral suppression

Join us as we discuss Moving Fourth and the Health Goals for Me framework with Mario Cascio, Programme Chair for Quality of Life, European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) in Italy, and patient advocate who has lived with HIV for a number of years.

HCP: healthcare professional; QoL: quality of life.

*Since the proposal of the 'Health Goals for Me' framework, UNAIDs have announced an updated 95-95-95 target to help end the AIDS epidemic. Despite this update, the Moving Fourth Steering Committee believe improving QoL remains a key goal to achieve healthy living with HIV. As such, the framework should still be considered an important component of HIV care.

CP-355042 - November 2022