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The Moving Fourth Steering Committee

United by a vision of healthy living with HIV beyond viral suppression, the Moving Fourth Steering Committee are a group of HCPs and a patient advocate with world-leading expertise in HIV.

Dr Joop Arends

Internist, Infectious Diseases Physician, Founder HappiApp, Board Member HappiApp Foundation and Director PatientApp, The Netherlands

Dr Thomas Buhk

Internist, Infectious Diseases Physician, Centers for Infectious Diseases in Hamburg (ICH-Hamburg), Germany

Mario Cascio

Programme Chair for Quality of Life, European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), Italy

Dr Adrian Curran

Internist, Infectious Diseases Physician, Department of Infectious Diseases, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain

Dr Giovanni Guaraldi (Chair)

Associate Professor of Infectious Disease and Head of the Modena HIV Metabolic Clinic (MHMC), Italy

Dr Eugenio Teofilo

Department of Internal Medicine at Hospital dos Capuchos, Lisboa, Portugal

Dr Guido van den Berk

Internist, Infectious Diseases Physician, Department of Internal Medicine, OLVG, City Hospital of Greater Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Christian Verger contributed to the First Chapter of Moving Fourth (2019), however discontinued his efforts with the Steering Committee thereafter and in the subsequent Chapters (2020, 2021).


The Moving Fourth initiative is about current practice, and as such, its developments have been launched at the key conferences of HIV care.


European AIDS Conference Basel 2019

The Moving Fourth initiative was launched by the Moving Fourth Steering Committee at the 17th European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) conference in Basel, 6-9 November 2019.

In this exciting debut, we outlined our vision for healthy living beyond viral supression and plan to achieve the fourth 90 of better quality for 90% of people living with HIV, with speakers from our committee including Dr Giovanni Guaraldi, Mario Cascio, Dr Adrian Curran and Dr Guido van den Berk.

Our recommended framework - Health Goals for Me - was first outlined at this event, and in the Chapter 1 White Paper, which was later summarised in an AIDS Reviews publication.

4 members of the Steering Committee standing with a Moving Fourth red banner in between them

HIV Glasgow 2020

The second chapter of Moving Fourth was announced at HIV Glasgow in 2020.

Here, our committee presented the first step in taking the initiative’s theory to clinical practice: the Ask & Measure system. This practical methodology outlines how HCPs can identify the individual QoL factors most important to each of their patients living with HIV, and the recommended PROMs they can use to assess them.

The full Ask & Measure system is available for review on this website and in Chapter 2 White Paper.

Black tablet with Ask & Measure video on screen


Published summaries of the Moving Fourth White Papers can be found in the journal AIDS Reviews.

Chapter 1 Publication | “Moving Fourth”: A Vision Toward Achieving Healthy Living with HIV Beyond Viral Suppression

A summary of the first chapter of the Moving Fourth initiative was published in AIDS Reviews in 2019.

Chapter 2 Publication | "Moving Fourth": Introduction of a practical toolkit for shared decision making to facilitate healthy living beyond HIV viral suppression

A summary of the second chapter of the Moving Fourth initiative was published in AIDS Reviews in 2021.

HCP: healthcare professional; PROM: patient reported outcome measure; QoL: quality of life.

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