Feedback & Discuss

Feedback & Discuss

After identifying key QoL factors, the next step in the 'Health Goals for Me' framework is to establish a dialogue around patients' health goals and facilitate shared decision making.

'Feedback & Discuss' is about ongoing and reciprocal communication in HIV care: HCPs give clear, useful information on patients' health status, so they can see how their lifestyle changes and treatment plan are making a difference.

In turn, patients become more motivated to discuss their issues, allowing HCPs to tailor the feedback they give.

By strengthening shared understanding, this positive feedback loop ensures the decision making process is both shared and continually informed by information from both parties.

Establishing an open dialogue

Good communication is essential to maintaining a treatment plan that addresses a patient’s current and future needs. How HCPs receive information, how clearly they give it, and the trust they build with their patients are all key components for a useful discussion.

Patient expectations
  • For patients to disclose information they consider personal, they expect a non-judgemental attitude from their HCP
  • Patients expect guidance from their HCP, which is why establishing a clear care plan together is crucial for ongoing discussion and shared decision making
Overcoming barriers
  • Time constraints, poorly timed appointments and appointments cut short can limit how patients express themselves, and can be overcome with good pre-consultation preparation for complex cases
  • Information either being too technical or not detailed enough can, in both cases, limit patient understanding. Finding a suitable balance for the patient is key
Three key questions
  • Frame discussions to produce informative, actionable information, for example, by considering the key questions that people living with HIV may have when interventions are discussed, including:
    – What are the possibilities?
    – What are the advantages and disadvantages of these possibilities?
    – What does that mean personally for the patient, given the situation or circumstances?
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Recommendations for practice

The goal of the Moving Fourth Steering Committee is to go beyond just raising awareness around best practice, and give clinicians and people living with HIV a set of useful tools they can use to achieve the fourth 90* for better QoL in HIV care.

The 'Feedback & Discuss' infographic highlights the recommendations for practice made by clinical experts and patient advocate at the third Moving Fourth Steering Committee meeting.

HCPs and people living with HIV can follow these recommendations with this step-by-step guide to get the most out of their consultations.

Expert opinion on Feedback & Discuss

Learn more about how 'Feedback & Discuss' is a continuation of the approach developed in HIV care that has pioneered patient–HCP relationships unique to the chronic disease space, as well as how ongoing communication and shared decision making is key to long-term disease care.

HCP: healthcare professional; QoL: quality of life.

*Since the proposal of the 'Health Goals for Me' framework, UNAIDs have announced an updated 95-95-95 target to help end the AIDS epidemic. Despite this update, the Moving Fourth Steering Committee believe improving QoL remains a key goal to achieve healthy living with HIV. As such, the framework should still be considered an important component of HIV care.

CP-355048 - November 2022