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Demonstrating the value of Health Goals for Me framework in practice: Podcast series

In our continued pursuit towards the unified goal of good quality of life, the Moving Fourth Steering Committee developed the ‘Health Goals for Me’ framework; a three-step guide designed to support HCPs and patients through a collaborative and individualised approach to HIV care. Going beyond theory and incorporating these principles into everyday clinical practice, is key to helping every person to live healthily with HIV.

Through our latest podcast series, we explore some of the most pressing complexities associated with HIV management today – from mental health and stigma to ageing and comorbidities – through real-world examples.

In the episodes below, our Steering Committee hosts are joined by multi-disciplinary experts to introduce the key challenges of HIV management and share their experiences of implementing the framework to tackle these issues.

Podcast series

The importance of a multi-disciplinaryteam as part of a patient-centric approach to managing HIV

In the first of the series, two Steering Committee members, Dr Giovanni Guaraldi and Dr Eugenio Teofilo, illustrate the changing HIV landscape and the evolving needs of people living with HIV, recognising the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to HIV management.

Challenges in treating an ageing HIV population

Join Dr Giovanni Guaraldi and guest expert neuropsychiatrist Dr Jordi Blanch, as they uncover the multi-faceted societal, psychological and physical challenges imposed on the ageing HIV population and the implications on treatment, identifying concrete patient-centric solutions.

Management of comorbidities in HIV

In this episode, Mario Cascio and Dr Guido van den Berk are joined by internist specialist, Dr Marisa Montes, to paint a picture of co-morbidity management in HIV, discussing challenges, unmet needs and consequences of multi-morbidities, with a focus on management strategies to overcome these barriers.

Stigma and mental health issues related to HIV

Listen in as Dr Adrian Curran and psychologist Dr Maria Jose Fuster delve into the complex relationship between mental health and HIV, highlighting interlinking stigma issues and how this translates into individual needs and outcomes of patients in the clinic.

The ‘Health Goals for Me’ Framework

Learn more about the framework and how you can incorporate it into your practice, so you can help your patients achieve healthy living with HIV beyond viral suppression

Take the first step in the 'Health Goals for Me' framework

'Ask & Measure' is about empowering each person living with HIV to engage with the management of their long-term healthy living. Discover this practical implementation system developed by our Moving Fourth Steering Committee, as well as recommended patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) for different QoL factors, selected from an in-depth audit.

HCP: healthcare professional; QoL: quality of life.

*Since the proposal of the ‘Health Goals for Me’ framework, UNAIDs have announced an updated 95-95-95 target to help end the AIDS epidemic. Despite this update, the Moving Fourth Steering Committee believe improving QoL remains a key goal to achieve healthy living with HIV. As such, the framework should still be considered an important component of HIV care.

CP-414425 - October 2023