Psoriasis is so much more than skin plaques

Psoriasis is so much
more than skin plaques

It’s the feeling of anxiety, helplessness and more. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition, yet it can interrupt patients’ lives with physical and psychological burden.[1]

As a general practitioner, you can make a difference by evaluating how severely your patients' skin is affected, as well as the burden psoriasis is causing them.[2]

Helping patients, especially those with moderate to severe psoriasis, receive counseling and appropriate referral when needed[2] also means asking questions that go beyond what you see on their skin. You can help every patient live a better life.

Identify psoriasis

Every type of psoriasis is different.

Beyond the skin

Psoriasis has a deep impact on patients' physical and mental health.

Manage psoriasis

Different treatments address different needs.

Psoriasis in a nutshell

  • Psoriasis is a chronic disease that can appear on any part of the body.[3]
  • A flare-up can be triggered by stress, hormonal changes or injuries to the skin.[4]

  • This systemic and heterogeneous disorder[5] involves T-cells that play a dominant pathogenic role in inflammation and rapid skin cell-growing.[6]

Psoriasis in your region

125 million people, of different ages and genders, are living with psoriasis worldwide, which makes for 2-3% of the global population.[7][8]

Do you know how many people live with psoriasis in your region?[3]

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